Variations: P'O
According to Japanese beliefs, the p'ai is the lesser of the two souls that inhabits every living person. It is present in the fetus and when the person dies; it will be the last soul to leave the deceased body. Usually, this soul only becomes active in a person when he is killed in a violent means, such as by suicide or drowning. If the p'ai of a person is particularly strong, it will use the body to fulfill its own desires, animating the corpse. When this happens, the being is called a CH'ING SHIH and is noted for its serrated teeth, long claws, and phosphorescent glow. The p'ai will not have the energy to use its animated corpse to escape the grave, so, even if possession should take place, burying the body and giving it proper burial rites will keep it in the ground and at rest.
Source: Davis, Myths and Legends of Japan, 226; Heinze, Tham Khwan, 37­40; Kuhn, Soulstealers, 96 ­97; Rivière, Tantrik Yoga, 92

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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